ISIS is advancing in the direction of Israel from the Druze Mountains along the Jordanian border.


Youtube/CNN image

On 3 June, 2015 Israeli TV Channel 2 reported that Islamic State is approaching the Israeli border on the Golan Heights. ISIS forces are now only 40 miles from Kuneitra, Channel 2 News reported at 12.00 PM Israel time.

Obama’s Junior Varsity team seems to be moving forward by leaps and bounds but they are headed for a very rude awakening unless they change their course of action.  We know that they imagine that they are following the one true God but those of us who know that “DAESH” has been deceived are able to wait expectantly for the coming clash.

Israel belongs to that land, Islam does not.  Israel’s God is well able to protect her from the Islamofascists and He will.

– Pastor Ward