I have to vent!πŸ™„
So there are so called “Christians” that are Biden/Harris suppoters?
Really? I was on a thread today of people that were actually attacking me and fellow evangelicals for standing with president Trump?
Soo, we let’s take a look at what we are defending? They accuse us of fighting for a man?
They say he’s crass, he’s speaks out of turn, he’s arrogant, blah, blah,,blah, blah!🀨
Someone told me “he’s anti-gay rights” really? Let’s examine that?
Why, because he undid Obama’s funding of transgender operations in the military? Raise your hand if you want to pay for someone to change their God given sex! I CERTAINLY DON’T!
That makes him a bigot, really?
Get ready because if the left is successful in stealing this election, we will be paying for this and EVERYTHING ELSE they decide is necessary to appease the liberal left, including the slaughter of infants up to nine months!😠 Oh, in case you so called “Christians” the DEMOCRATS don’t think GOD belongs in their platform and watch out because they want to remove HIM from ANY place of honor in the United states!😯 So the line is in the sand, you cannot have it both ways!

I am sticking with this man! As far as I can see, he has been the MOST-

Keep Up the Good Fight

My dear brave Red White and Blue fellow Americans. This last election, this generation has won a Great victory and when all the dirt is uncovered and the under the table dealings come out only then will we fully understand how close America was to destruction. Don’t think it a small thing what you the People have done. In all reality the free world would be no more if not for your hard work and loyalty to our country.
In saying this I most add now is not the time to kick back and take it easy. Evil takes no holiday. The war is not over, while good people relax our enemies are already planning their next move. That is where we have gone wrong in the past. Never will these demons give up on their agenda of a one world global government. They are consumed with their desire for power.
Some I’m sure have said ,”the election is over give it a rest”. And believe me I would love to do just that but in my heart I know it’s far from over .I love this country and it’s people and will push back the darkness as long as I’m able.
We must learn to read between the lines, the demaRATS know they will never impeach President Trump their goal is to discredit him in time for the next election. They are very evil but don’t think them dumb they have a motive for everything they do. God Bless You don’t give in, don’t give up the fight. To All who voted for President Trump America, Future Generations and the Whole Free World are in your debt.