Making America Godly

He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the Lord. – Proverbs 17:15

It was a saying of Solon the Athenian lawgiver, that “a Republic walks upon two feet; one being just punishment for the unworthy, the other due regard for the worthy.  If it fail in either of these, it necessarily goes lame.  How much more if it fail in both?”

Form your opinions of others and of right and wrong, not at the prompting of the world, but as though you are under the watchful eye of God.  Because you are, whether you are a friend of God or not.  The PC (politically correct) crowd constantly tries to force us to obey and treat them as gods as they usurp and twist God’s authority.  Those individuals do not realize how awfully they are provoking God, but they will; we Christians ought to pray that they experience punishment from His hand sooner rather than later so that they might have the opportunity to repent.  In all our most secret judgments of men and things we are accountable to Him.  Don’t let that cripple you in your judgments; however, do let it empower you to always make good and proper judgments/decisions.

The majority of Christians seem to have abjured the duty of conscientiousness, and the abjuration is one of the most fearful symptoms of our time.

To abjure is to formally renounce something.  It is to give up a previously held belief, especially formally or solemnly.  One of the most blatant examples is the “ordination” of “priests” who advocate for ongoing, active homosexuality in the church as a practicing homosexual.  Now I know full well that I have just committed blasphemy with the PC crowd but Heaven is doing a slow clap and saying, “About time you started waking up and declaring truth as it is revealed by God in the Holy Bible.  Don’t stop there, because there is so much more.  Do not be kowtowed by the PC crowd, their ways are not God’s ways and their ways shall not successfully stand when the judgment of God comes upon them.”  Don’t like this?  Dial 1-800 TELL-GOD.  (Actually that is probably a “900” number because someone is going to pay the price for not obeying the Word of God.)

Proverb 12:2, “A good man obtaineth favor of the Lord; but a man of wicked devices He will condemn.”

The second abomination to the Lord according to Proverb 17:15 is “he that condemneth the just.”  We must form our opinions of others as under the watchful eye of God and not according to the world’s constantly changing opinion.  Deviancy has been getting defined downward because of a lack of boldness to stand against the PC crowd.  “All it takes for evil to triumph is for the good to fail to take a stand against it,” Edmund Burke. –or words to that effect-  The duty of estimating others as in the sight of God is not by any means a light one, but a most solemn one.  Unholy and unprincipled and unethical life, wherever found, ought to be protested against by the servants of God.  It is a blessing that unethical Hillary does not currently hold a public office; it is a shame that she ever did.  There is a sad tendency among us to overlook those faults (sins) which fall in line with the practice of the day, which consist in the neglect of unwelcome duties, or the committing of lightly esteemed sins.

Men and women who refuse to acknowledge God’s existence do so, in the final analysis, because it is contrary to their manner of living.  They do not want to bow down to the moral claims of a holy God on their lives. – R. C. Sproul

An excerpt from my forthcoming book: “Deeper Faith: Completely Consecrated Christianity”

Pray for America

What I believe is that Donald J. Trump has been put in as the President of the United States of America by God… As much as I believe that. I also believe that Satan has the goal to remove him in disgrace. I have never seen a president attacked so viciously as President Trump is. It’s obvious that Satan thought he had this country in his control with his people in charge of things but God has a plan.  It’s not time for the United States to fall as long as God’s people will seek Him, pray, and believe.  We may yet have a brand new Great Awakening – it will be awesome.

Pray first 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and then Pray in accordance with 2nd Timothy 2:1.

Pray for President Donald Trump that God will give him strength to stand against the attacks the enemy is sending to him now…It doesn’t matter what party you belong to, it matters who God has chosen to lead. This country is in better shape than it has been since Ronald Reagan. Jesus said to pray for our leaders. PRAY!

Sin Sick World

Suppose, then, that all men were sick or deranged, save one or two of them who were healthy and of right mind. It would then be the latter two who would be thought to be sick and deranged and the former not! – Aristotle

That is the world we live in.  That explains why the left tends to strongly dislike and disparage Christianity and then seemingly embrace Islam.

The God of Christians

The God of Christians is a God of love and comfort, a God who fills the soul and heart of those whom he possesses, a God who makes them conscious of their inward wretchedness, and his infinite mercy; who unites himself to their inmost soul, who fills it with humility and joy, with confidence and love, who renders them incapable of any other end than himself. – Blaise Pascal

That is who the one true God is; the God of Father Abraham. –