Accessory to Murder

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She is an accessory to 17 counts of 1st degree murder.  She had a hand in causing the shooting to take place by bullying Cruz for 3 years.  She admitted to the bullying and acted like she was totally justified in doing the bullying – no clue to “cause and effect”.  Some kids who are bullied wind up committing suicide and the bully is rarely held accountable for their actions.  It wasn’t the gun, it was her and her fellow heartless bullies.

Florida Shooting -2-

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If an anti-American charlatan, who has never had a job outside government, who was raised by Muslim and Marxist extremists, who associated with outlaws, anarchists and potheads and belongs to a bigoted, blasphemous “church” were to tell us he was going to fundamentally transform the United States of America, maybe we should have believed him.