Before you get caught up in the thinking that our federal government, in Washington DC, can solve the problems in Taiwan, or Hong Kong, or Iran or anywhere else, keep in mind that our federal government can’t even solve the crime problem in the cesspool called washington, DC

We cannot continue to send our children to Caesar for their “education” and then be surprised when they come home as Romans.

If God has abandoned America, the last shining light on the hill, then these are the end times and there is literally nothing we can do to stop the evil that is coming.

If God has not abandoned America, then it is our job and responsibility as believers in the Christ to do everything we can to fight to win America back.

The battle isn’t really between nations, it may appear that way but it is really between good and evil. We are already engaged in that battle and the U.S., in a very bold move by the left, has shifted towards normalizing evil!

Yes, God is in control but that doesn’t mean He wants us to lean on our shovels and pray for a hole.


Now we are learning that it was State Rep Thomas who told Mr Sparks to “Go back where he came from” and not the way she claimed in her crocodile tears video

#EricaSmollett #FakeRaceHoax #EricaThomasRaceHoax

Well ain’t that the pot calling the kettle a darker non-descript shade of a color that cannot be interpreted to be racist or offensive. Did she take a page out of Smollett’s playbook and think she could personally profit by playing it slightly different than he did?

Gotta love it when the liberal lunatics get along so well. #walkaway