Democrats Must be Stopped

The Democrats are all about power and control of the masses. They did it with healthcare and if Hillary hadn’t been stopped with the election of President Trump it would have sealed our fate to become a full blown Socialist nation just like Cuba and Venezuela! Things would have been much worse here in America and for the whole world in all actuality. Look, our Universities and Colleges are being controlled by the leftist in America, anti-Christian power and control with the brainwashing of our youth!  This is why they hate Trump so much because he’s putting a stop to their agenda! Sadly, their infiltration extends to the leftist news media which plays a big part in controlling the minds of the voters through their propaganda! That should never be happening in a free society! They’ve also have been attempting to change American history in an effort to downplay and destroy America’s greatness! Absolutely minimal pay raises to the Workers of America. All of this in a massive effort to fundamentally transform America to their liking of power and control over a formerly free society. We must fight against all of their agendas in order to SAVE America for they will not relent, they will not stop until they bring America to its knees!

Anti-Education Democrats

The Democrat party is the anti education party. Think about it. What better way to destroy something than to claim you advocate it, only to destroy it from within. Our school system has become all about the teachers union even when it is a choice between education or the union demands. It is the teachers unions who also back the Democratics. If you destroy our citizens ability to think and understand, then they will be easily fooled by the lies of the Democrats.

Trump has claimed when he tried to improve inner city schools his biggest obstacle was always the teacher’s unions.  Their pay increases ae never merit based.  The left has destroyed the classical education model from within as per their intention.

Think! Don’t “Feel”

Our Nation Would Be in a Much Better Place, If Every College and University Professor Taught According to His Teaching Philosophy…

“Before I Can Teach You How to Reason, I Must First Teach You How to Rid Yourself of Unreason. For Many of You Have Not Yet Been Educated…You Have Been Dis-Educated. To Put it Bluntly, You Have Been Indoctrinated…”
~ Adam MacLeod, an associate professor at Faulkner University’s Jones School of Law, to first-year law students in his Foundations of Law course

~ Derek