Blame Shifting Blasio

Pronouncements from the Democrat-Socialist Mayor of New York:

Bill de Blasio (Mar 2): get on with your lives + go out on the town, see a movie

Bill de Blasio (Mar 11): if you’re not sick you should be going about your life [same day NBA suspended entire season; all of Italy on lockdown]

Bill de Blasio (Mar 19): “Bill de Blasio Buries Trump for ‘Inexplicable’ Coronavirus Response: ‘Beyond Comprehension’ That You Haven’t Mobilized the Military”

HT Lourdes Cosio

Fredo, Actual Meaning

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#Fredo the actual meaning is associated with being “not very smart” (dumb). Sort of like AOC, if you know what I mean.

Fredo Cumo seems to love to go on hateful tirades against people he doesn’t like and proves almost daily that he is a fake journalist because he rarely lets facts get in the way.