Who Has the Higher Negatives?

Bill and Hillary are the ideological offspring of Woodrow Wilson and Bull Connor.

Trump got a lot  more votes in the Republican primaries than anybody else ever has. Lots of people kept claiming that he had really high and negative numbers but I kept thinking “He’s the frontrunner therefore everybody else’s negative numbers must be even higher than his.”

Trump was not my first choice, Dr Ben Carson was but he does not have the proper temperament for such a time as this. Following the Trump Presidency, Dr. Carson may be the ideal next President.  Then I was for Cruz for a while but my gut had an uneasy feeling regarding him and I got on board the Trump train because I could sense the proper level of brashness necessary to revamp the corrupted kakistocracy and start the process of righting the ship of State.

I found it fascinating how angry some of my Christian friends got at me for abandoning Cruz in favor of trump some of them even parroted the Democrat misquotes of trump,  many of them have joined me on the Trump train.   while I’ve had some initial misgivings about Trump I felt, in my spirit,  that God has been working on him for a long time at preparing him for such a time as this.  
I find it interesting that some of the allegations being brought against Mr. Trump with only a couple more weeks to go before the election fit the old Democrat playbook for trashing their opponents.  Those accusations were held for several months to be sprung at such a time when it was expected he would be unable to properly respond before the election took place.    However,  a lot of people have wisened up to their old shady tactics and still others are asking ‘why now?’   why not several months ago or even years ago ?”  Probably because there is no truth to them.  As  we begin to look into them we find Hillary’s fingerprints all over the accusations and the timing.

Wikileaks  has also helped to expose the fraud and the fact that Hillary is directly and indirectly involved even going so far as to pay some of those to commit their hoax.

Calling out the unethical left:  Trump said,  “If they can do this to me with my unlimited resources, look what they can do to you.”

We know he is right.   Pray in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and Vote Trump.

–Pastor Ward Clinton