Democrats and Guns

Democrat shooters.jpg

In reality there is nothing to indicate that Democrats want to stop gun violence. They only go after law abiding citizens who purchase and use guns legally. Seems they are only seeking to make life safer for the liberal violent criminals. They fear decent people shooting the criminals in self-defense.  –Pastor Ward Clinton

Brother Rachid’s Video Message to Obama Regarding Islam

Brother Rashid a former Muslim speaks to Obama about what ISIL really is.

Unfortunately I believe BHO already knows the leader of ISIS has a Phd in Islamic Studies and that the members of ISIL are the true, not radical, Muslims following in the footsteps of Mohammad.  If one does not want to call them Moslems, then perhaps you should call them “Mohammedans” because, as Brother Rachid states, they are imitating Mohammad in every way that they possibly can.

–Pastor Ward Clinton