Batato (?)

From my friend Mark Williams:  You say poTATo, I say poTOTo, Walmart says BATATO.

Made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up two potatoes for baking. Being in a hurry I chose the self check out. Placed them on the scanner / scales and got the look up item screen with the alphabet. Punched “P”, and it said “no items found”. Surely I just thought I punched “P”, so I did I again with the same results. Hmmm, tried “R” for “Russet”, but no Potatos. The Walmart person walks by so I asked her, “How do I find potatos?” She hits “B” and says, “You look under “B” for Baked.” I said “but I was going to fry them.” Got the strangest look as she walked off.

Pastor Ward Clinton