#Let’s Go Brandon

Let’s go Brandon is the rallying cry right now for faith & freedom loving Americans; and perhaps for liberty-loving people worldwide.

Mike Huckabee was being very gracious in saying that the reporter at the racetrack confused what was being said by the fans in the background by claiming the crowd was saying Let’s Go Brandon ( #LGB ) when the crowd was being sufficiently vocal for it to be clearly understood that they were chanting #FJB. Now, to give her credit, it rhymes. Most of us are aware that the CNN reporter was attempting to cover up-hide what was really being said and that she did it in either standard CNN reporter malpractice or for fear of losing her job for telling the truth instead of towing the Dem Party Line and covering up the truth when it doesn’t fit their agenda.

The left doesn’t lie to us because the truth will hurt our feelings; they lie to us because the truth might provoke us to make choices that won’t serve their interests. In the not too distant future people will wonder how we could have let them lie to us for so long and cause so much damage to our society.

If we’d had honest journalism from the Main Stream Media over the past few years we wouldn’t have China Joe in the White House and we would still have a booming economy. Therefore, it is time to wake up, speak up, and take back our country.



Before you get caught up in the thinking that our federal government, in Washington DC, can solve the problems in Taiwan, or Hong Kong, or Iran or anywhere else, keep in mind that our federal government can’t even solve the crime problem in the cesspool called washington, DC

We cannot continue to send our children to Caesar for their “education” and then be surprised when they come home as Romans.

If God has abandoned America, the last shining light on the hill, then these are the end times and there is literally nothing we can do to stop the evil that is coming.

If God has not abandoned America, then it is our job and responsibility as believers in the Christ to do everything we can to fight to win America back.

The battle isn’t really between nations, it may appear that way but it is really between good and evil. We are already engaged in that battle and the U.S., in a very bold move by the left, has shifted towards normalizing evil!

Yes, God is in control but that doesn’t mean He wants us to lean on our shovels and pray for a hole.

Excerpt from “WHoly Christian”

It was intended from the very foundation that the US of A would be a Christian nation.  Our laws, from the outset, were based on the Holy Bible and perusals of the founders’ writings prove that to be a fact, much to the ACLU’s dismay, not to mention Freedom From Religion and other antichristian organizations.  Furthermore, it is only persons of high moral fiber who are supposed ot be permitted to be in positions of “public service” according to the founders.  It is not the (Anthony) Wieners and (Barney) Franks and the citizens are supposed to be watching and dictating to the government what its limits are while holding the politicians accountable for their actions.  Unfortunately, too many citizens have abdicated their watchdog responsibility and allowed amoral, even immoral, hotdogs to sneak in to those positions of power.  It is time to get busy and clean out all the slime from Washington, D.C.  We have the internet, for now, where we can bypass the biased media to get the word out and mobilizing.

“There has been a systematic attempt to mislead Christians by disinformation generated by anti-Christian writers who have obscured or denied the Christian nature of our heritage and civil government and law.” (Archie P. Jones, Ph.D., Foreword to Benjamin F. Morris’ The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, 1864, reprint 2007 by American Vision, Inc)  Back at the foundation of this nation, America, the people understood the lessons from the Holy Bible that civil government is used by God to work out His holy will in the lives of men and nations.

“Our forefathers in the faith did not retreat from involvement in society and politics.  They did not turn civil government, the making and enforcement, and adjudication of laws, over to Satan and those who serve him.” (Jones)  It was Christianity, not paganism or secularism which produced freedom and justice in the west and in America, it certainly wasn’t Islam.  “’There is nothing,’ says Webster, ‘we look for with more certainty than this principle, that Christianity is a part of the law of the land.  Everything declares this.  The generations which have gone before speak to it, and pronounce it from the tomb.’” (Morris, p 245)  “The statesmen of the Continental Congress, in their deliberations, officially recognized the Christian religion, and incorporated its principles into their legislative acts.” (Morris, p 245)

John Adams, in a letter to his wife describes the scene of the 1st Continental Congress “When the Congress first met, Mr. Cushing first made a motion that it should be opened with prayer.” (Morris, p246)  It was a non-sectarian, yet decidedly Christian, prayer which ended with “we ask in the name and through the merits of Jesus Christ, thy Son, our Savior. Amen!” (Morris, pp 249-250)  “The state papers of the Continental Congress were also full of the spirit and sentiments of the Christian system,” (Morris, p 46).  We have a great and Godly heritage in spite of what the ACLU and others of an anti-Christian mindset wish to profess and the documents are once again being brought out to the light of day for our studious perusal at this crucial point in time.  Crucial, because we most definitely need a new awakening similar to that which brought the United States into existence.

We desperately need a Great Awakening in this country and 2nd Chronicles 7:14 provides the recipe for it.

–Pastor Ward Clinton