Vaxx Passport

It is utter nonsense, not to mention unconstitutional, that we as Americans are expected to disclose our vaxx status or even be mandated (forced/coerced) to get it while illegals prance all over our country like it is an elementary school field day! It is estimated that well over 25% of them are COVID positive and the vast majority of them all are unvaxxed. Realistically, according to the “science” being touted by the vaxx advocates, those illegals are the superspreaders.

If the vaxx actually worked they would not need to force people to get the thing. The mandates are pretty solid proof that the COVID Vaxx does not work.

Biden wants the coronavirus pandemic to continue. That is why he keeps the Southern border wide open; to extend the dempanic so the Dems can retain and amass more power and get even richer. Biden has always been an evil man.

Don’t be woke, be awake and live free.

Report from Math Scholars Shows U.S. is Dropping STEM Competency in Favor of “Diversity” and “Social Justice”

According to a Breitbart News Article detailing the “deplorable” state of American education, the U.S. is falling further and further behind China in K-12 education in the core science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The article discusses the findings of three math scholars who immigrated to the U.S. as young students who are now greatly concerned about the falling status of the country in STEM subjects.

The scholars warned Americans that the country’s education policies are so counterproductive that our schools are becoming less attractive than even Chinese education, even though China’s schools are founded on strict and unfree academic principles.

Math education in K-12 public schools is leaving comparatively few American children prepared for STEM careers. American programs are therefore left dependent on new international students to keep programs competitive, especially those from Asia and India.

Data from 2017 shows that 81% of graduate students in American electrical engineering programs came from outside the country, while 79% of computer science graduate students came from outside the county.  And at least two-thirds of STEM faculty in American graduate programs are foreign-born.

This is being caused in large part by the increasing national focus in American schools on diversity and social justice at the expense of STEM education.  Asian-Americans have been especially singled out to feel the sting of discrimination as a result.  Illogically, Math is more and more frequently deemed to be “racist.”  Diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, especially CRT, stifle development in STEM programs, especially in mathematics.

California’s math “equity” programs could close the path to high school calculus except to students whose parents secure extracurricular math training for them.  The implication for students from lower-income families is obvious, or should be.  Without at least introductory Algebra, the students will be entirely unprepared for undergraduate STEM programs.

The “education establishment” in control of public school is unaware of or unconcerned with the standard requirements of college STEM academic programs.  Their “dumbing-down” through education reforms has degraded math training to the point that it is challenging to distinguish capable students from those unprepared to go forward.  Now we find that most U.S. K-12 math teachers have been trained in programs that have shifted from substantive mathematics to identity politics and social justice causes.  Other advanced nations are not as beset with certification training and establishment qualifications.

In 2018 China’s 15-year-old students were ranked first in mathematics while USA ranked twenty-fifth. If you’re part of the “Deep State,” you are thrilled because it means you probably cannot be toppled from your elitist pillar of power over the people anytime soon.

Left Behind

Joe told hurricane Ida survivors that they “won’t be left behind. ” only a week or so earlier he said the same thing to Americans and Afghanistanians as well as our allies just before he turned his back on them. He left hundreds, if not thousands, in Afghanistan facing certain death. Then and now, quid pro Joe’s words are empty at best.

And there are credible reports that indicate he is engaged in a very evil, despicable, atrocity.

At least 500 Americans may have been purposely left behind and turned over to the taliban.