NYC Mayor Purposely Endangering POTUS

My friend, Dr Larry said: “NYC MAYOR DEBLASIO TELLS POLICE COMMISSIONER TO ALLOW VERY BIG ALT LEFTIST PROTESTER’S to get right up to the Sidewalk side of TRUMP PLAZA were our POTUS is going to now….HIS HOME…. POLICE COMMISSIONER did not comply, the growing SOROS funded crowd is massive! Instead the POLICE were told by their COMMISH to make sure the crowd is ACROSS THE STREET WITH A GIANT COP GROUP in between the Trump Plaza and the Protestors who will become RIOTERS by tonight….that puts the cops in the street…. Still INSANELY too close! They would never allow this massive an angry crowd get so close to Obama NEVER but Trump is a second class president the ALT Left has seen to that and who is more ALT LEFT than DEBLASIO??? ONLY MAXINE WATERS…. AND De BLASIO announced today he will run for president in 2020 Throwing hard Soros like Trash talk against BERNIE SANDERS and POCAHONTAS both over the last week…. Well he always was a GUTTER SNIPE even against the Dems.TWO MOST TREASURED 2020 Pres. Candidates…
LET ME HEAR HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT BILL De BLASIO who is thinking about running with a MUSLIM VICE PRES…..”



Dear Father God ,
We agree with Jeremiah , “No one is like you Oh Lord, You are great and Your Name is mighty in power.”
We plead with You, Lord to use Your power and protect our President and his family, and his Cabinet and staff from all the wickedness that is aimed at him with this illegal special counsel and grand jury . We ask You to give the President’s personal counsel , his attorneys, wisdom and strength and the favor You gave David to fight against this Goliath! Let them carry in their hearts the same spirit of indignation that David had against Goliath for defying the living God.
Lord, we plead for You to use Your power to cause our Congressmen and women who claim to believe in You to begin to fight for what is right and demand grand juries to deal with the real crimes that have been committed by those who were in power.
We plead for You to use Your mighty power and open hearts and minds of Americans to hear and receive and put to practice Your Truth. We pray You will not withhold Your Holy Spirit from this land, but will allow Him to pour into hearts and minds all over America. We pray for our youth to hear Truth in their homes and their schools. We pray that churches will be bold and be willing to encourage their congregations to be salt and light and not be afraid to stand up to evil that had been allowed to grow stronger over the past decade.
We pray that the God fearing people of America will rise up and begin flooding Congress with emails, tweets and phone calls to support our President.
We plead Your mighty power to protect us from dangerous nations like North Korea. We pray their evil intentions fail miserably. We thank you for the men of understanding that President Trump has put in place to navigate and negotiate through these dangerous times on the world scene, men and women who will tackle evil and not back down.
We thank you, Lord, for not letting evil continue unabated in this last election and we ask more than any one thing apart from hearts and minds being moved and renewed by the Holy Spirit, that You will cause us to end the slaughtering of our unborn, our most defenseless. I ask you, Lord, please please cause this to end in my lifetime. It started in my lifetime.. please cause it to end in my lifetime.
Lord, Jeremiah also said in the tenth chapter Of Jeremiah, “Who should not revere You, O King of the nations, for this is Your due.”
Lord, those of us supporting this Administration want Your name revered. Oh let it be so in our land once again, in our homes, our churches, our schools, and the public square.
In Jesus’s Name.