Summary of the Memo

The Dems didn’t want the memo released on account of “national security concerns.” But that’s baloney. Since when are those globalist America-haters concerned with national security? In my view THEY have constituted the worst threats to our country’s security for years. Case in point, the Obama-Hillary plan to flood our country with high-risk Muslim refugees. Releasing Gitmo detainees, some of whom made it back to the battlefield. The list goes on and on. They don’t give a CRAP about our country’s national security! The only reason they didn’t want the memo released was because it makes THEM look as bad, as traitorous, as sleazy, as criminal as they are!


Releasing the memo is not a threat to national security as the FBI had suggested. If anything, it does shed light on the FBI itself & the DNC who paid for the dossier. The entire Russia investigation relies on unreliable, unverifiable, & a non credible dossier. We also know that agents signed false affidavits. Whether you call it a direct lie or material misrepresentation, at the end of the day, I have never seen the media listed as a reliable informant for probable cause. If you are the FBI, you put your own troops in the field to investigate. After all its not like the media ever get anything wrong lol. The whole thing smell foul of anti Trump rhetoric.

And then people wonder why many Americans lost faith in their government. Trump is gaining the people’s trust by getting rid of government corruption and making our government transparent as our founding fathers created this government to be. A people’s government, for the people & by the people.

The Lie and The Truth

The Lie and The Truth

They say that one day The Lie and The Truth met.

The Lie told The Truth: “Good morning, Truth.”

And the truth, checking to see if it was really a good day, didn’t see rain clouds. Several birds sang and seeing that it was really a good day, The Truth responded to The Lie:

“Good morning, Lie.”

“It’s so hot today,” said The Lie.

And The Truth saw that The Lie was telling the truth, so he relaxed.

The Lie then invited The Truth to bathe in the river. He took off his clothes, jumped in the water and said: “Come on, the water’s delicious.”

The Truth believed what The Lie said and without doubting The Lie, The Truth took off his clothes and prepared to jump into the water.

The Lie came out of the water and dressed in the clothes of The Truth. The truth, however, refused to dress in the clothes of the lie. Not being ashamed, the truth walked naked down the street.

And in the eyes of other people it was easier to accept the lie in the clothes of the truth, than the naked and raw truth.


Democrats are Race baiters

Democrats rely on “minorities” to keep them in power. A minority can be anyone that feels separated from a larger group. The obvious minorities are the standards of skin color, sexual orientation, gender, immigrant status, economic status, etc. But, Democrats encourage the development of any minority so long as they can exploit it by convincing it that the Democrats are there only political hope. For instance, successful blacks, who might normally feel like they’re part of the American dream and vote republican, are often reminded by Democrats of past racisms, imaginary social slights or crime statistics to quickly redivide them from the larger public and keep them thinking only the Democrats can keep the country from returning them to slavery. Same with every minority they encounter. Scare them into supporting the Democrats.

Trump SOTU Speech Shows…

TRUMP SHOWS HIS GREATNESS AT SOTU SPEECH…DEMS SHOW OUTRIGHT COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY! They are the Anti-American party. The let’s not stand up for the Red, White and Blue Party….The Red represents all of us who have bled to make America free and keep it free. They are the party of Big Government Rules and REGULATIONS exactly like the Communist party….Folks when the fact is that more Black Americans are employed NOW than ever in our history and the Black DEM/COMMIE Caucus cannot stand for the ovation….what you have in plain view of every American is the Party that HATES AMERICA FIRST…
WE MUST BEAT THEM BIGLY IN THE NEXT 2 ELECTIONS or be taken over, not by another party but by a RABID HATE AMERICA PARTY….How do you feel my Friends???