Jordan Neely

President Trump has shown us how wrong-headed New York City is. The D. A. will protect criminals and imprison the innocent.

This guy, Neely, had been arrested over 40 times. At least three were for violent assault against old women. But hey, he was a Michael Jackson impersonator, once upon a time, so he must have been a great guy. – or something –

Anti-Rightist Campaign

Mao launched his “free speech” campaign in 1957 called “Let 100 Flowers Bloom” to ask ppl, esp. intellectuals, to make constructive suggestions to the CCP. Not understanding the evil of Communism, many sincerely did so. One of their pleads was allowing free speech. The campaign quickly turned into an “Anti-Rightist” campaign. Half a million were condemned as rightists & became enemy of the state. They were denounced & exiled to labor camps. Many more were implicated & had to undergo “thought reform”.

“Anti-Rightist” campaign put an end to any free speech in China. It paved way to the disastrous Great Leap Forward campaign. By then no one dared to challenge any lies incl. the absurd claim that China could surpass UK & US in steel production by mobilizing all the peasants to make steel instead of food. The result was the Great Famine that claimed up to 50 mil lives.

Never in my wildest dream did I imagine that this could happened in America. Today free speech is being silenced & we are coerced to accept lies as truth incl. such absurdity that men can have babies! – Xi VanFleet

Fauci’s Felony

NEW: Elon Musk calls on Dr. Fauci to face trial for deliberately being untruthful in his testimony before Congress, a felony punishable by 5 years in jail.

Musk’s comments came in response to comments made by Sen. Rand Paul.

“I think Fauci deserves culpability and history is going to judge him very poorly because he made the judgment to fund this research. It’s dangerous research. He doesn’t want to call it gain of function, but most other scientists do call it gain of function, in Wuhan, in an opaque totalitarian country. And in the end, there was a leak from the lab and millions of people died worldwide.”

Paul added that “it’s a felony punishable by five years in jail” to lie under oath.

Prosecute / Fauci. – Collin Rugg @collin Rugg