“I Lied but I am Not a Liar” – convicted liar, M. Cohen

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Isn’t it fascinating how we are seeing someone who is going to the slammer for lying to congress now receiving such a welcome as Michael Cohen, disbarred lawyer, did today, 27 Feb ’19? And they are prepared to believe him now. Of course, we are learning that Elijah Cummings, D-Md briefed Cohen before this meeting. He probably isn’t the only Dem who met with him.

i don’t think the Dems were expecting the Repubs on the committee to fight back against Cohen and expose his new lies today. Elijah Cummings sure looked unhappy that the Repubs showed backbone for a change. Jim Jordan, R-OH actually demonstrated that this hearing lacks legitimacy because Cohen was never a government employee in the Trump Administration. Cohen claimed he never lobbied or wanted to be CSO or some other high-level position in the White House but there is plenty of evidence demonstrating that to be another lie on the part of Cohen.

Hilariously, Cohen admitted he has no evidence President Trump colluded with Russians yet offered “But I have my suspicions,” as if that were some sort of evidence. How did Cohen ever pass the bar exam in the first place? If Cohen actually had anything of substance to offer against President Trump then Mueller would not have rejected his plea for leniency and he would not be going to jail. Remember, Cohen is a convicted liar and has been disbarred.