Democrats Are the Laughingstock of the World

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THINK ABOUT IT! We have two political parties battling for dominance over the most powerful country in the world and the BEST the Democrats can come up with strategically is a PORN STAR/HOOKER saying she had sex with the President 12 years ago and an ignorant, foul-mouthed kid in the limelight representing their gun control agenda…

The real pervert President was Billy-boy Clinton but the lefties offered excuses for his bad behavior then and his ongoing perversion ever since.

David Hogg Has Lied – and been caught

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Many of us sensed that there was something off, something not quite right about David Hogg.

Now we have some hard evidence that David Hogg is not a victim but rather someone who profits from the tragedy of others………..the very thing which he has been so busy accusing the NRA of.

What the conflicting accounts of his involvement on the day of the shooting show, is an individual deliberately attempting to position himself into a position of prominence for personal and political gain.

The level of hypocrisy is truly astounding and disgusting.

Here is the quote from the CBS interview.

And here is the quote from the earlier Time Magazine article.


NWO Youth

He is so naive and proves that by being upset because his school will be providing clear backpacks and now he feels like his rights are being violated…Boy, you are being used. You wanted something done that will make schools safer well, clear backpacks is a great place to start. You can’t pick and choose your rights…..Every time I see him I think of Rolf, from the Sound of Music.