Thinking with H W Beecher

Thinking is creating with God, as thinking is writing with the ready writer; and worlds are only leaves turned over in the process of composition, about his throne. – Henry Ward Beecher, Edna Dean Proctor (1858), “Life Thoughts: Gathered from the Extemporaneous Discourses of Henry Ward Beecher”, p28

It is my understanding that it has been calculated that the God of The Holy Bible, who is also known as “The God of Father Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” is most likely a tenth-dimensional being – which there could only be one of.  When I consider what that means and the nature of such a being I am awestruck by the awesomeness of the God who sees me, yet loves me and empowers me to follow along paths that lead to fellowship with Him.

Of course, we don’t have to go through complex calculations to try to figure out what such a being would be able to do as part of His nature because that very Supreme Being tells us a little bit about Himself in His book so that our finite minds might gain a little bit of understanding of the infinitely-infinite mind.  The Holy Bible lets us see that He can be everywhen and everywhere at the same time as well as hold our universe in His hand and yet be right here with us; with me, with you.  He loves us with a love that is very difficult to comprehend.  Therefore, we must strive to be like our Creator and ask for His help to do so.

Russian Collusion

February 9th – With still no evidence to date many Dems have insisted for over a year that President Trump colluded with the Russians. For all of them these four headlines: 1) WA Post 10/24/17: “Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier” 2) WA Examiner 2/6/18: “Adam Schiff pranked by Russians who offered nude photos of Trump” 3) Daily Mail 2/8/18: “FBI informant who spied on Russian firm that bought Uranium One says Moscow paid MILLIONS to influence Hillary Clinton while the deal was under review” & 4) Fox News 2/8/18: “Democratic Sen. Mark Warner texted with Russian oligarch lobbyist in effort to contact dossier author Christopher Steele” On 3/22/17 Warner, who is the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, communicated to the lobbyist about the need to be “careful” before texting this a week later: “We want to do this right private in London don’t want to send letter yet cuz if we can’t get agreement wud rather not have paper trail” Dems are still accusing Trump of exactly what they’ve been doing! Paula Priese

Summary of the Memo

The Dems didn’t want the memo released on account of “national security concerns.” But that’s baloney. Since when are those globalist America-haters concerned with national security? In my view THEY have constituted the worst threats to our country’s security for years. Case in point, the Obama-Hillary plan to flood our country with high-risk Muslim refugees. Releasing Gitmo detainees, some of whom made it back to the battlefield. The list goes on and on. They don’t give a CRAP about our country’s national security! The only reason they didn’t want the memo released was because it makes THEM look as bad, as traitorous, as sleazy, as criminal as they are!

Releasing the memo is not a threat to national security as the FBI had suggested. If anything, it does shed light on the FBI itself & the DNC who paid for the dossier. The entire Russia investigation relies on unreliable, unverifiable, & a non credible dossier. We also know that agents signed false affidavits. Whether you call it a direct lie or material misrepresentation, at the end of the day, I have never seen the media listed as a reliable informant for probable cause. If you are the FBI, you put your own troops in the field to investigate. After all its not like the media ever get anything wrong lol. The whole thing smell foul of anti Trump rhetoric.

And then people wonder why many Americans lost faith in their government. Trump is gaining the people’s trust by getting rid of government corruption and making our government transparent as our founding fathers created this government to be. A people’s government, for the people & by the people.

The Lie and The Truth

The Lie and The Truth

They say that one day The Lie and The Truth met.

The Lie told The Truth: “Good morning, Truth.”

And the truth, checking to see if it was really a good day, didn’t see rain clouds. Several birds sang and seeing that it was really a good day, The Truth responded to The Lie:

“Good morning, Lie.”

“It’s so hot today,” said The Lie.

And The Truth saw that The Lie was telling the truth, so he relaxed.

The Lie then invited The Truth to bathe in the river. He took off his clothes, jumped in the water and said: “Come on, the water’s delicious.”

The Truth believed what The Lie said and without doubting The Lie, The Truth took off his clothes and prepared to jump into the water.

The Lie came out of the water and dressed in the clothes of The Truth. The truth, however, refused to dress in the clothes of the lie. Not being ashamed, the truth walked naked down the street.

And in the eyes of other people it was easier to accept the lie in the clothes of the truth, than the naked and raw truth.