America for the Win

If Trump becomes President…THINK HARD FOLKS!• The Clinton Corruption is destroyed and rendered powerless.

• The media has been neutered forever.

• Career politicians will have lost all job security.

• The guns in your home will safely stay there.

• Preachers will be free to preach truth without the threat of government interference.

• Israel will have no doubt that we are truly their ally

• Iran will not get one more plane full of cash.

• No more apologies to the world for being great!

• Our enemies, most of which help fund Hillary’s campaign will definitely be a little scared.

• Our healthcare rates stand a real good chance of going down.

• There is at least some hope that new manufacturing jobs will be coming back to your state.

• The drug cartel and other criminals currently crossing our borders will realize their days are numbered.

• The police will be supported so they can restore law and order.

The list could go on and on, but it sounds like America may be on the road to becoming great again within the first few hours on November 9 if Trump does win.

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Pastor Ward Clinton author of The Antichrist of our Time

Pick Your Battles Carefully

Jump off a bridge to rescue a hat and you’re a zero;  jump off a bridge to rescue a person and you are a hero.

Guys,  when a woman gets mad,  just tell her that she is overreacting.   she will realize that you are right,  because she knows that you usually are,  and she will calm right down.

Caution: results may vary.  –Pastor Ward Clinton


The task of the church is not only to getsinners in to heaven but to get saints out of bed.

Night owls may become bedbugs on Sunday morning but that does not prove evolution.
What kind of church would you have if every member were just like you?
It is easy to lose interest in a church in which you have nothing invested.
The world has lost its faith because the church has lost its power.
If you want to hear all about the problems of the church, ask someone who hasn’t been there in many months.

–Pastor Ward Clinton  

Media Bias Must not Discourage us

If Trump says: Good Morning America! Clinton and the media report “TRUMP snubs foreign Countries by excluding them from greeting”Gullible believe spin, Don’t be gullible!

None of the greedy establishment on either side want Trump and it’s not because they fear Trump’s temperament at all! (that’s just spin) it’s not because of his terrible remarks 11 years ago. He apologize for that! They fear losing their Power, their Greedy Sneaky behind the scene deals. I’m ready for some real change, I’m tired of the status quo. 
I’ll be voting to give America back to the people and to make America Great Again!
Pray in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and Vote Trump  –Pastor Ward Clinton

The Way to Heaven

I want to know one thing –  the way to heaven; how to land on that Heavenly Shore.   God himself has condescended to teach the way:  for this very end he came from Heaven. He has the written it down in a book. Oh give me that book!   I have it:   here is knowledge enough for me. Let me be a man of the book. – John Wesley

Obama/Hillary,  the enemy

Obama is using the infected/corrupted Pentagon to demoralise all US Military personnel before sending them to war with Russia for a massive defeat to destroy US while starting the greatest nationwide mayhem followed by pre-planned well timed coordinated ISIS attacks backed by none other than UN Peace keeping Forces to disarm legitimate gun owners and sending those who defend themselves against ISIS to jail or worse.

Legislated racism is alive and well. A religion litmus test is also now acceptable. Remember when the progressive leftist liberal socialist communist Democrat party decried those very same criteria in each and every Supreme Court nominee for the past 65 years?

I do. I have paid attention to politics for much of my life. 

That is why I can, with certainty, tell you that the Democrat party is no longer the party of JFK, nor FDR. It has, without a doubt, been taken over by communists. 

Sad for you Democrats who refuse to awaken to the truth. You Democrats who know this and stay within the party- shame on you!!!

pray in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and vote Trump

— Pastor Ward Clinton