Hillary Hype and Hoaxer

Hillary Hype.jpg

She started College reasonably “Conservative,” soon becoming somewhat Socialist. She left as a Saul Alinsky Radical, and she’s never looked back. She’s a 100% Anti-American Communist and is dedicated to Destroying EVERYTHING America Stands for. She’s opposed to Borders and National Sovereignty. She believes America’s Resources and Wealth belong to the World, after she skims off her “take” of course, and she’s more determined than Obama was to give everything that belongs to us all away in order to make us all slaves of the state.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Hillary Hilariously Blames Trump

Hillary blames Trump.png

It was HER foreign policy procedures that messed up the Arab spring so badly it turned Yemen and Libya into failed states and created a civil war in Syria, which by the way is still going on 5 years later, and got 4 Americans, one of whom was the first ambassador since 1979 to die in service, yet her supporters don’t seem to care.

Trump is not to blame for terrorism for one it was there and happening before his running for president. She should know that! Look at what her job was.  She built that.

–Pastor Ward Clinton