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One popular theological tradition says that all believers sin every day in thought, word, and deed.  That seems so much less than the victory over sin promised by the Bible.  Across the years far too many Christians have settled for too little, emphasizing human frailties and the pervasiveness of sin.  Caving into the argument that a person is doomed to stumble along in constant failure, they have lived defeated lives.  Some have given up Christianity altogether.  Not only did individuals suffer personal defeat, but the reputation of the Kingdom also suffered.

As human beings, we were created in the image of God to live in holy fellowship with Him.  Much of that fellowship was lost to sin.  The experience of heart holiness offers us a restoration that put us back on track to fulfilling God’s original plan.

Because of this, genuine, wholehearted love for God, our neighbors, and the rest of His creation is possible for us again.  The doctrine of entire sanctification is that door that leads us into glorious, full and perfect fellowship with God. — from an Article by Howard Culbertson, Roger Hahn and Dean Nelson. For more like this visit

So why would we, as Christians, want to live at a level less than that which Jesus has indicated is possible for us while we reside in this temporary life?  God commanded us to be holy, we find that we are unable to do so in our own power but it is  a command, nonetheless.  Therefore God must have provided a way in which it could be done since it was a command and not merely a suggested ideal.  Some reportedly have found it like Lloyd Ogilvie and Billy Graham who are definitely not of the Wesleyan theological persuasion and have their own way of proclaiming the higher calling of empowered Christian living and heart holiness.

It is not enough to know God and Jesus – you must also engage the Holy Spirit in your life – Lloyd John Ogilvie

  • Pastor Ward Clinton

Made in China

Today the NYSE opened at 15,676 and jumped to 16,085.  Then it began to drift downward to 15,920 over the next hour.  Personally, I expect to see it wind up in negative territory again today.

The Shanghai Composite started its day good but wound up down another 1.27%.  Reports are that it has lost 25% of its value over the last 5 business days.  The European markets are following as well.  Most market analysts are saying, at the moment, the DOW is still the market the world watches and are poo-pooing the idea that the Chinese stock market has any significance.

I couldn’t help but laugh yesterday when Jeff Reeves said “you’d be crazy not to buy Apple stock today” because my first thought was, “Is that the captain of the ‘Titanic’ speaking?”  Shortly after he made his statement, or at least after the story got reported, the NYSE began its slide toward another 200 plus point loss for the day.

Once it was the city of London that led the way in the world financial markets.  For most of the last century, it has been Wall Street.  This week, at the very least, it is China.  What can be said for certain regarding this crash, if we can call it a crash, is that it is very much like your TV or your smart phone in that it is stamped “Made in China.”

Pastor Ward Clinton