Socialism is Not Biblical

Jesus was NOT a Socialist…

Socialism is NOT Biblical…

God Designed Us to Create Wealth, and to Produce Wealth; He Designed Us to Be Productive people. God Wants Us to Be Productive, and His Plan for Our Life Includes Wealth Creation – Not Wealth Redistribution…

God Wants Us to Provide Benefits, Services, and Protection to Others. He Wants Us to Create Opportunities to Help People…

This is Why America is So Blessed, Unique, and Exceptional…

“Remember the LORD Your God, For it is He Who Gives You the Ability to Produce Wealth…”
~ Deuteronomy 8:18

.read 2nd Thessalonians last night. Paul exhorts them to work and work hard, because those who won’t work should not eat (or rely on others to feed them)!

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