Old Fashioned Morality

It is true that I am of an older fashion, much that I love has been destroyed or sent into exile.  Things like morality and common sense.

–Pastor Ward Clinton


One thought on “Old Fashioned Morality

  1. If your morality and common sense could be dated to a particular decade; which do you think it might be?:
    – Before 1920 (women shouldn’t have the right to vote, they’d vote the same as their husbands anyway)
    – Before 1960 (segregation shouldn’t be changed, everything is fine the way it is)
    – Before 1990 (same-sex couples should have no rights, they’re just confused)
    – Before 2010 (transgender individuals shouldn’t have rights, they’re really, really confused)
    Depending on how far back you go, slavery is o.k., multiple wives/concubines is o.k., killing heathens is probably okay – it just depends on what kind of old fashioned. And then, you see that the changes we’ve seen over the last century is the result of new-fashioned morality being carried out to it’s most logical conclusion. Because it doesn’t to do give some people some rights on some criteria, but not all people all rights on all criteria.


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