Follow the Holy One of God

In Matthew 10:40 [Jesus said:]  He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

As there is a way of partaking of other men’s sins, so there is a way of partaking in other men’s holy services.

We can be like Mohammad who, as the Koran and himself revealed, was a sinful man or we can be like Jesus whom even the Koran called the “Holy one of God.”

The old knight that clapped Luther on the back when he went to the Diet of Worms, and said to him “Well done, little Monk!” shared in Luther’s victory and in Luther’s crown.

“I am going down into the pit, you hold the ropes,” said Carey, the pioneer missionary.   They that hold the ropes, and the daring miner that swings way down in the blackness, are one in the work, may be one in the motive, and, if they are, shall be one in the reward.  So, brethren, though no coal of fire may be laid upon your lips, if you sympathize with the workers that are trying to serve God, and do what you can to help them, and identify yourself with them, and so hold the ropes, my text; will be true about you.  “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet; shall receive a prophet’s reward.”  They who by reason of circumstances, by deficiency of power, or by the weight of other tasks and duties, can only give silent sympathy, and prayer, and help, are one with the men whom they help. – Dr. MacLaren

Choose you this day to follow the holy one of God for His reward is good, the sinful one’s reward is not good.

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